We produce three core wines at Tenuta di Arceno: Chianti Classico, Chianti Classico Riserva and Strada Al Sasso. Strada al Sasso is produced only in vintages of exceptional quality. All are 100% estate grown and bottled and each one showcases our complex terroir and intensive winegrowing and winemaking techniques. In pursuit of distinctiveness and quality, we have implemented a Micro-Cru viticultural philosophy, which further divides each vineyard block into smaller sections based on the soil types and individual terroir. Each Micro-Cru is tended, harvested, and vinified separately, becoming a unique expression of its particular vineyard section. Only in the final stages of winemaking do we combine the Micro-Crus into our final blends. Final blends are determined by a series of tastings where each lot is analyzed separately and in potential blends.

Tenuta di Arceno also produces three world-renown Supertuscan wines. Please visit for more information.