Estate Produced DOP Extra Virgin Olive Oil

The olive grove adorning Tenuta di Arceno spans 45 hectares (111 acres). Within the grove, there are 2,800 trees registered to the Olio Extra Virgin DOP Chianti Classico, one of the highest quality appellations possible for native olive oil.

The varietal composition is 80% Frantoio, 15% Leccino and 5% Moraiolo. Soil in the grove is covered by natural grass and maintained by cutting every spring. Just like our prized wines, plenty of attention is taken with the olive trees by cleaning up the young suckers on an annual basis while the branch pruning is carried out every three years.

The harvest is done by hand, sorted into perforated crates and pressed on the same day. For the gentlest oil extraction possible, we use a continuous-cycle disk crusher and perform very slow cold extraction under precise controlled temperature. The extraction process is thus by centrifuge decantation and the oil is filtered immediately after extraction to avoid any hint of bitterness.


Fresh, intense flavor with aromas of green olive, artichoke, thistle, and almond. Intense, complex flavors with a perfect balance of spice and earthiness and long, persistent aromatics.


80% Frantoio, 15% Leccino, 5% Moraiolo
Chianti Classico DOP

Available for purchase at the tasting room.