Pierre Seillan

Founding Winemaker

Since helping to establish Tenuta di Arceno in 1994, Pierre Seillan has been instrumental in guiding the estate’s micro-cru philosophy that emphasizes farming block by block. In addition to developing the vision for the estate, Pierre brings more than four decades of experience with Cabernet Franc. His commitment to top quality Cabernet Franc has confirmed the variety as a pinnacle for the estate and guided a move for Arcanum to 100% varietal with the 2016 vintage.

Pierre’s vision for the estate has been nearly 20 years in the making and, as a result, quality at Tenuta di Arceno is showing more than ever. These strides are the result of a shared vision between Pierre, Lawrence Cronin (Winemaker) and Michele Pezzicoli (Vineyard Manager), who has also been with the estate since 1995.